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FM Radio Pen
$ 9.95


Ball Point Pen and FM Scan Radio ALL IN ONE!
So much more than a pen, so much more than a radio. Not only is it very small for the punch it packs, it also comes with a screw-fit cap, so you can take off the pen part (if you're not much of a writer) and halve the size of it! The reception is excellent, the auto-scan feature will flick you effortlessly from station to station, and there's a volume control on the headphone cord. Pop the pen in your pocket, and you'll have a stereo radio with you wherever you go.

- Ball pen/detachable
- Earphones with volume control
- FM radio function composed CPU
- Full of programmed stations designed with AFC (auto frequency control) and ATS (auto tuning system)

- Power 1.5VDC x 2 (rechargeable or alkaline cell GPA76)
- 2 Spare LR44 Batteries Included
- Duration 15~16 working hours (battery 120mAh)
- FM Station Frequency Range (88~108MHz)
- Auto Scan
- Hi-Fi Earphones
- volume control adjustment on line
- 2-LR44 Batteries Included
- 2 Spare LR44 Batteries Included